Thankful Thursday 10.20.11


Thankful Thursday 10.20.11

Love, Prayers and Selena Gomez

Sometimes we forget what a small world we live in... and how connect we all are to one another.  I heard it said somewhere that you are only 6 people away from knowing the world (or maybe it was Kevin Bacon), but today I heard a story that connected us to two very awesome families in very different places.

Guest, Morgan, is 16 and in the Pain Rehab program. When her mother check out in mid-September, she asked if our Family Services Manager, Joanmarie, had any connections or knew of any discounts for tickets to the Selena Gomez concert, because Morgan had missed out on a fun outing with the other teens in her group, and would love this concert. Mom was not able to buy the tickets.

Joanmarie told her about some contests she found online, and mentioned that occasionally (rarely) we get last-minute donations of tickets.  Joanmarie even specifically said that sometimes someone from out of town buys tickets and then their plans change, and they send us the tickets. But she really didn’t think that would happen in this case.

Then, our Office Manager, Barb, got a phone call yesterday from a woman in Chicago named Katia. She bought tickets for herself and her 10 year old daughter Gaby to see Selena Gomez here in August. The concert was rescheduled and it is happening this Sunday. Katia and her daughter are unable to attend and decided to make a disappointment into something positive. Katia asked if we knew anyone who would like to use the tickets... Barb said she was certain we could find someone anxious to go.  Katia was really excited and said she would FedEx them over to us. 

When Barb told Joanmarie about the donor from Chicago, Joanmarie called Morgan’s mother and she was in tears. She had tried all avenues, including begging for tickets, without success. She prayed about it, hoping that somehow she could make this possible for her daughter.

They were coming back for further testing and treatment next week, so they’ll come a day early for the concert on Sunday.

Talk about an answered prayer... a connection states away... and a happy teenager who will be able to have some excitement this weekend. 

What an amazing thing to be thankful for. 

-Samantha, Marketing & Communications Manager

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1. Kirsten Emerson wrote:
so happy for her! what a wonderful story!

Thu, October 20, 2011 @ 5:31 PM

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