Background Check Authorization Form

Authorizing Criminal Background Checks and/or Driving Records to be Obtained

I understand that criminal background checks and/or driving records may obtained as part of Ronald McDonald House® of Cleveland Inc.’s evaluation of my job application, employment, or volunteer service. The reports may be procured by Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland’s insurance agent and may include my driving record, an assessment of any insurability under Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland’s insurance coverage or other criminal background checks. This information will include but not be limited to allegations and convictions for crimes committed upon minors and will be gathered from any law-enforcement agency of this State or Federal government, to the extent permitted by State and Federal law. I understand that if I have been or ever am convicted of a criminal offense I will be discharged immediately.

By signing completing the encrypted form below, I hereby authorize Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland to procure such reports about me from time to time as it deems appropriate to evaluate my insurability or for other permissible purposes.

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