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"You know when you’re sitting at the gate, and the pilot is giving you safety instructions. ‘Put on your air mask first before assisting others.’ Well, being in this situation is like that, except you can’t put the air mask on." Melissa and Bob Beadle had tried for several years to have a child, but they struggled with infertility. They decided to try one last time, and in November 2015, Melissa found out she was pregnant. The next month during a routine sonogram, they saw four babies on the screen!

On May 1, 2016, Geo, Gia, Leo, and Lea were born at 28 weeks, weighing in at 2.2 to 2.9 pounds. The Beadles knew they would need to stay in Cleveland while the babies grew. That’s when Melissa’s dad told her about the Ronald McDonald House. Because both work, they had never been eligible for any kind of assistance, so they weren’t sure they would be allowed to stay. Melissa’s mom called with the happy news! The Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland had a room for them. It was just the support they needed. "When you’re in a medical situation with your children, you have so many emotions, and you feel overwhelmed. You’re so lost because you’re caught up in it. The Ronald McDonald House helped us feel connected again. The hospital cared for our children. The House cared for us, their parents."

You may designate your gift to support the greatest need of the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, or to support a specific program of the organization. 

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