Internship Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be involved in?

Depending on which department you are interested in, you will have a variety of duties and responsibilities. We strive to provide interns with a very well-rounded experience regardless of their area of study to ensure you are immersed in the work of the Ronald McDonald House in its entirety. Within the various position descriptions on our website, you will find a more detailed set of responsibilities tailored to specific areas of study.

The tasks or activities an intern may be involved in are as follows but limited to:

Agency Orientation

  • Learn about the history of RMH and of the organization’s involvement with community medical centers (hospitals) and with other community partners (RMHC and McDonald’s)

  • Gain an understanding of agency organization chart and roles/responsibilities of staff

  • Review function of the board of trustees

  • Review and discuss RMH Strategic Planning Action Plans

Service Experience

  • Greet and/or register guest/visitors and input service data

  • Assume primary responsibility for planning and implementing a family activity

  • Actively participate in meetings with multi- team members at hospital locations and/or RMH

  • Assist with fundraising event tasks

  • Observe and participate in Family Room and RMH Front Desk services

  • Assist and/or independently complete duties which maintain a homelike environment

  • Assist and/or independently complete work tasks which support RMH’s ability to serve families

  • Provides program and administrative support to families served by RMH programs

  • Participate in agency trainings, Enrichment Sessions, and webinars

  • Complete a project focused on an RMH identified need, or development/improvement a function of the organization

  • Provide presentations to the RMH Team on project updates as they are completed

  • Clearly document all tasks completed and review documentation periodically with Supervisor

  • Student will discuss with supervisor on a weekly basis their progress and learning experience

Is there a certain time requirement or length of service?

This is dependent on the academic program expectations of your college or university. Typically students are required to complete a semester’s worth of time at an organization, which ranges from 300-400 hours. We are willing to work with your schedule whenever possible! 

Requirements less than 100 hours are viewed as “Service Learning” and not internships.

How will I benefit from this experience?

  • Engage in a well-rounded professional experience which crosses over many areas of study

  • Meet and work with various professionals within a supportive work environment

  • Develop new skills and refine others

  • Apply knowledge gained from coursework to actual work circumstances

  • Establish professional contacts for letters of reference and future networking opportunities

  • Obtain growth and knowledge from a dynamic and reputable organization

Is this a paid or unpaid internship?

Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland does not offer paid internships. We do offer paid Work Study opportunities.  If you are interested in Work Study or have questions, please contact your school’s financial aid office regarding requirements.

How can I find out more information?

Explore each of our departments that offer internship opportunities on our website.