Room Request Form

Rooms may be requested up to, but no sooner than, 7 days prior to arrival. Families may request a room for the day prior to the patient’s first appointment or hospital admission. First-time guests must arrive by 8 pm. Complete the form below or download a printable version at the bottom of this page.

A background check is required for ALL guests, including the patient, who are 18 years of age or older. 

International families must make their room request through the hospital’s International Center or Global Patient Services office. U.S. Visas are used to help determine eligibility instead of background checks.

Please list everyone who may be staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Most rooms have 2 double beds and accommodate 4 adults at one time. Please call for approval if the patient is over age 21 or you have more than 4 people who will need to stay in the room.

For questions/approvals, call (216) 229-5758 x1010. If no one answers, leave a message, and a manager will return your call.

This online form is encrypted, so your personal information is safe.

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