The Turner Family Gives Thanks

Sometimes dreams really do come true. On January 28, the Turner family from Sandusky received a surprise of a lifetime when Nino and his son, Zion, received tickets to the Cavs game from the Cavaliers ownership team. Little did they know that what they thought were regular seats turned out to be court side... right next to the Cavs bench!

The Turners are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. Their oldest son, Jesiah, has been receiving treatment for water surrounding his brain, a condition he's had for nearly four years. 

Below are Bettyna Turner's words of thanks to the Cavaliers and the Ronald McDonald House for turning her family's dream into a reality.  

To the CAVS and the Ronald McDonald House,

I want share how much the Sunday, Jan. 28 CAVS tickets that were given to my husband, Nino, and our son, Zion, meant to my entire family. 

The day before the game I was leaving the hospital after visiting my 14-year-old son, Jesiah, who has been suffering with water on the brain for nearly four years. On the ride back to the Ronald McDonald House, where I am currently staying, I began having a conversation with God. I don’t really know if I was praying or just speaking out loud, but I chuckled to myself, and I began to remind God what HE is capable of: “God, I know you are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ask…” I went on to ask Him to give my husband, who is selfless and who works many hours to take care of us, something that his heart desired. I asked Him to sustain Zion, who is often left with family so that we can take care of his brother. Then, probably for the 10,000 time I asked for God to heal my son, Jesiah.

The Ronald McDonald House gave Nino and Zion those tickets, and I consider that to be the direct answer to my prayer the day before. Neither my husband nor my son has ever been to a CAVS game. My husband had repeatedly mentioned that he wished to go, but it has not been possible with the extended health crisis of our oldest son. When they got to the game they were escorted all the way down to the floor to sit. They sat right next to the players! My small words cannot quantify the experience you all gifted a father and son. Our entire world and family were so happy Nino and Zion, two people who humbly endure the bad things in life, were experiencing something that would have never happened without the generosity of the CAVS and the Ronald McDonald House! Thank you!

Jesiah, and I watched the game from his hospital room. He was so happy for his dad and his brother. As I write this, my eyes have tears. So many people who I cannot see and whom I do not know played a part in blessing my family with an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. Jeff Green took off his game shoes and gave my son his shoes! JR gave Zion his arm band. Derrick Rose signed an autograph and actually had a conversation with my husband. The way they were treated by everyone, the generosity of Jeff Green, JR Smith, and Derrick Rose is exceedingly and abundantly above what any of us could have asked. When the game was over, Zion brought Mr. Green’s game shoes to the hospital and put them on his brother's feet.

Jesiah has been sick for a long time. He’s had 36 brain surgeries, and a rare stomach cancer. He suffers with chronic pain, and my faith was wavering and my heart was so heavy. This experience has helped me to know that God sees my little family, He hears my little prayers, and He feels the pain of my broken heart. I am reassured that He is still answering prayers and creating miracles. The same way God answered my prayer for Nino and Zion is the same way I expect Him to perform a miracle and heal my son: Exceedingly and Abundantly above all that I can think to ask.

With love for being an essential part of my family’s blessings,
Bettyna Turner

Help us continue to serve families like the Turners. The Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland is made possible because of the generosity and support of our community. Just $20 helps to cover the cost of a family to stay at the House for a night.