Third-Party Events Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Ronald McDonald House representative attend the event?
RMH relies heavily on volunteers to achieve its mission. We often have volunteers represent us in the community. If you would like a RMH representative at your event, we will make our best effort to find a volunteer or staff person to accept a check and/or to address the attendees. Because of the large number of events and the limited number of staff, staff members are generally unable to attend third-party events.

Can the Ronald McDonald House provide materials such as brochures, donation forms and signage for my event?
Yes. With advance notice we can provide these materials if they are available.

Can I provide receipts or an acknowledgement letter on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House to event participants?
Only those donations made on-line or sent directly to RMH will receive a receipt or acknowledgement individually. We can provide one acknowledgement for the event coordinator, but IRS regulations do not allow receipts to be given by anyone but RMH staff.

If my participants donate directly to the Ronald McDonald House, can staff provide me with their names and amounts donated?
No, unless previously approved by RMH staff for registration purposes. RMH respects the confidentiality of its donors and will not release their contact information.

Can I use the Ronald McDonald House tax-exempt status when purchasing materials?
No. Third-party event organizers cannot use the RMH tax exemption status in conjunction with the event. However, RMH staff can provide a verification letter confirming the organizer’s intent to raise funds for RMH. All checks from participants of third-party events and programs must be made out to the third-party organization, not RMH, unless previously approved by RMH staff. For individuals requesting donations to RMH in lieu of gifts for a special occasion, checks should be made out to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland and sent to 10415 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106.